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Their translation about your specific concept of the phrase >’shubati’?

Selasa, September 20th 2022.

Their translation about your specific concept of the phrase >’shubati’?

>Shopping for facts about the historical past of cash resp. >the real history from accounting, I discovered the latest interesting >babylonian word “shubati”, stated for the a publication of >’The Financial Legislation Journal’; What is actually money? because of the A good. Mitchell >Innes 1913 (*) . Innes interpreted ‘shubati’ just like the “received” >It appears, that this expression ‘shubati’ searched that often >on babylonian clay tablets, made use of since the ideas out-of economic >deals. > >I would personally please ask you: Can you tell me Your opinion >resp.

Which Sumerian label try well understood. Discover the fresh new verb involved inside my Sumerian Lexicon from the material terminology part below shu. ti, ‘to receive’. shu means ‘hand’ and you may ti mode ‘to approach’, therefore, the compound means ‘to receive’.

That is a keen Akkadian term. Look-in the Sumerian Lexicon not as much as danna on DAN point. beru ‘s the Akkadian comparable, translated ‘double-hour; league’. Never ever ‘day’ or ‘double-day’.

> Many thanks for your informative react. My personal question relates to >Dilmun’s venue. Certain ideas that you certainly see affirm you to definitely Dilmun >are “31 beru away” from Mesopotamia in itself. I’ve found reasons for >believing that Dilmun was located in the Eastern Indies, as Dr. Kalyanaraman >contends in a number of outline within his Sarasvati website.

I got answered, “I am aware off you should not question the traditional Sumerological personality regarding Dilmun just like the area away from Bahrain. Discover Dilmun, Magan, and you will Meluhha all the referenced in my own lexicon.”

> You’re best, at all. However it is unbelievable you to definitely someone manage >ever before equate this area having Paradise.

Could you let me know your own origin

If you want to look that it next, the single thing that comes in your thoughts is the Sumerian customs of the antiquity of your own city of Eridu (etymologically, ‘city’ + ‘sweet, good; beautiful; favorable; pleasing; fresh (water)’). The fresh jesus of Eridu, Enki, are god of your sweet below ground seas by which Dilmun are renowned, according to Geoffrey Bibby regarding the Seek out Dilmun. One to community away from Eridu’s antiquity integrates with the reputation of Enki since being the new Sumerian Prometheus, bringer of your own arts of culture to Sumer.

>You will find realize John Yards. > >Which I am not a good scientiest having very early languages it is very tough to >us to proove his interpretation of sumerian terms (which are his facts out-of >start for some causally determinations). > >I attempted to get equivalents ranging from Allegros sumerian words on the sumerian >lexicon – some fit almost every other not – however, iliar enough to proove >they like that. > >Very – when you have the right position so you can John M. Allegro it could be very need for they.

Allegro’s Guide “This new sacred mushroom and cross” >and i also must proove their theses getting my personal interpretation off his guide

To your web page 241, Thomsen phone calls /-a/ the subordination suffix, outlining this particular is this lady preference hence extremely Sumerologists because the Falkenstein enjoys named it the fresh nominalization suffix. John Hayes spends the definition of ‘nominalizer’ to have .a good otherwise /a/ during brands 1 and dos regarding his book. This new published form of the Sumerian Lexicon cannot use the term ‘definite article’ to possess -a:

“nominalization suffix having a verbal function otherwise condition, undertaking good noun – place immediately following pronominal suffix and you can in advance of post-ranking otherwise possessive suffixes; and understood since the a good particularizer, after a is hitwe free family member clause – ‘the Noun you to Verbs’ – ThSLa §483″.

“R(hamtu)-an excellent or Adj.-a: sometimes of these models helps make the before noun particular – ThSLa §503 prices a study of the Krecher.” Krecher has actually a newer post into the Acta Sumerologica 15(1993): 81-98, from inside the English, which have Yoshikawa’s effect to the pp. 157-183 of these same record procedure.

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